Sunday, October 31, 2010

For the Win!

I've just heard that Margo Lanagan's story 'Sea-Hearts', which appeared in the coeur de lion novellanthology I edited called X6, has won the World Fantasy Award. Maybe it's that I was up very late last night, but I can't help feeling euphoric and slightly disconnected to reality. This is the fourth award the book has won this year.

 My company is an extraordinarily small independent press with no real budget for marketing and promotion and, we have to face it, Australia is a loooong way from the publishing centre of the universe, but that such a small (though not in size) book from a one-person operation has been able to make such a big impact within the speculative fiction arena is really fantastic. Of course the amazing stories my authors gave me are the major cause of our success, but I feel a bit of reflected chuffedness about the whole thing. And, yes, maybe just, the right to pat myself on the back once of twice.
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