Monday, October 25, 2010

A Mirror, Darkly for ASIM

My 'chick-lit' urban horror story 'A Mirror, Darkly' has sold to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and is due to appear in issue #51 in April/ May 2011. This is my first short story sale for far too long. My last story, '... They  First Make Mad' (which you can hear as part of the Terra Incognita Christmas 2009 podcast) was published in Agog! Fantastic Fiction way back in 2002. Though I haven't exactly been slacking off either in writing or publishing in the intervening years, just not at short story length.

'Mirror' had a significantly geographic  birth and early development, conceived in Broome, parts of it were written in the UK and on a couple of international flights, including during stopovers at Changi International Airport. It's set in Sydney, my recently adopted home, around the Erskineville area and parts of it are liberally lifted from a very boozy party I went to in Glebe, although the house that is 'blessed' with the mirror in the story is based on one in Summer Hill.

'Mirror' also contains a fair bit of swearing, sex and blood. Thankfully Simon Petrie, who selected and is editing the story, is neither squeamish nor a prude.
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