Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Retro-fit ahead

The Way of The Kresh has a major and minor plot line and I've been methodically working through the major line - following Jeldon in his travels to reclaim his homeworld - for a couple of years now, but this morning major and minor plot lines collided, an event which I approached with a certain amount of excitement and fear. Excitement because I'm closing in on the final section of the story. Fear because 1. I've been writing this story from inside Jeldon's head exclusively for a long time, and 2. it means I have to shift pov to my minor plot line character - disgraced Hegemony pilot Rhys - and show him at a point that is quite far along his personal story without actually having taken that trip with him in any real detail. But so far, I think it's working and it also means I get to comment on Jeldon from an external point of view. The downside is that when I go back to fill in the minor plot line, I may have to retrofit Rhys's actions from this point on.

As a result, all kinds of thoughts about how Rhys got to where he is, not just physically but emotionally and morally, are firing off in my head. There's so much to do and see, talk about and think about for both characters that I'm letting them spark off each other and recording what happens. Good times.
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