Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A two week gap in the novel while I enjoyed the holidays, but instead of getting a bit rusty writing-wise, it gave me a chance to reflect on the latest action and what's coming up. That meant a slight rewrite of a scene where Jeldon is confronted by non-excised Kresh. I'd realised that he wasn't active enough in that scene and needed to do more and it feels better now.

Now I'm closing in on what I think will be the second last section of the story, where Jeldon and Rhys go to the Kresh homeworld to discover the hidden Kresh rebels and organise a counter-attack on the occupying Hegemony forces. I've been kind of dreading this section as it was only ever inferred in the short stories I wrote about the same events and I only just decided that Rhys should accompany Jeldon as I was working through the previous section so it felt like a big blank canvas: off-putting and, well, empty! But the break has given me some perspective now and I'm starting to get excited about the possibilities. Firstly it's a chance for Rhys and Jeldon to really get to know each other and for us to see their interactions. Secondly they're going into occupied territory on the Kresh homeworld. Jeldon had a taste of life under the Hegemony before he escaped, but just how much worse have things gotten in the intervening time? I feel I really want to show what's happened there. Also the pairing of human and Kresh in a setting where together or individually they will be in danger from Hegemony, rebel Kresh and/ or traitor Kresh makes me think there must be heaps of possibilities for jeopardy and action. Now I just need to work out what all of that will be and write it. Simple!
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