Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sara Creasy is an old friend and colleague of mine from the Aurealis Magazine days, and an awesome editor and writer. It only seems like 8 years ago we were sitting around, talking about the novels we were going to write (and yes, I was talking about the Kresh even then). But Sara obviously had more sticktoitness in those intervening years, because that novel she was dreaming of - Song of Scarabaeus - was published in the US by Eos in April last year. And a very good novel it was too, full of kick ass SF action, excellent world building (literally!) and solid characterisation. (Don't believe me? Read my review.) So it's particularly gladdening to hear that Sara's writing has been recognised elsewhere with a shortlisting on none other than the Philip K Dick award for 2010. I feel very chuffed for Sara and kind of tingly/ sparkly that I had a little bit of contact with that novel when it was in its formative stages. Go Sara!
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