Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A break from writing during Easter. Hey I’ve been doing it pretty solid since my last break at Christmas so I reckon I was owed it. During the break I’ve been editing stories for Anywhere But Earth and reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. I just finished book five over the break. To my mind it’s a fantastic tale, filled with real humanity, lots of incident and maintains the tension about the main protagonists' overall quest. I have a lot of respect for Stephen King and the dedication required to finish the seven books is an interesting tale in itself and one that demonstrates a useful lesson in stick-to-it-ness.

Apart from writing I went to see Suckerpunch the other week. I thought Zac Snyder’s take on Watchmen was the best movie experience of 2009. Suckerpunch carried high expectations and leaving the cinema I wasn’t sure how I felt. Part of the reason was that I watched it at Imax and I’m finding that the Imax screen is just too big to provide an enjoyable movie watching experience. Instead of being immersive, I find close-up action scenes become jerky and confusing. As to the film itself it’s part action movie, part arthouse and part music video. With the benefit of distance, I think on the whole that Suckerpunch was a good movie. The plot really rewards post-watching deliberation and has a lot more to it than flashy graphics. Also I think Snyder is to be applauded for being ambitious enough to try something that had the potential to confuse an audience that was mainly there to see big explosions and cool fights. There is a serious intent behind Suckerpunch and hopefully Snyder will be allowed to continue to demonstrate his vision to the cinema public. Tonight is a guilty pleasure of another sort. I’m going to see Thor J
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