Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Stuff

Watching Source Code last night I was pleased to see a very well put together science fiction idea presented on screen. Parts of the movie had a Twilight Zone feel and Jake Gyllenhal acted his eyeballs out. There were moments towards the end when I feared it would veer into schmalz. Director Duncan Jones’s earlier movie Moon almost did that too – but again it was another solid sci-fi idea. However the ending was more than satisfying and the other characters in the movie were well played. An adult science fiction movie that doesn’t fail to entertain. It’s interesting to see the rise of this phenomenon, and it is now officially a phenomenon when you look at Moon and Inception. The latter has probably done more to cement the probability of more intellectually stimulating sci-fi movies seeing the light of day. But it is a satisfying trend.

Actually watching the upcoming trailers I was amazed to see how many movies coming up I really wanted to see. Captain America actually looks like it will be good, ditto X-Men First Class, shit even the next Transformers movie looks kind of cool in a Michael Bay OTT sfx kind of way. And then there’s Joss Whedon’s Avengers to look forward too.

Speaking of sci-fi and spec fic more broadly, the annual Aurealis Awards went off very well (in Sydney for the first time) last weekend. In fact it looks like the women really took home the majority of the awards – lift your game guys. Case in point: only three books made the science fiction novel shortlist, written by two women. They were all very good, but it’s pretty bad when there’s not enough good novel length sci-fi out there to round out a shortlist of five.

The TISF podcast is now well and truly over. I sold the podcast mic, to a podcaster who is just beginning her podcast adventure, so I know it will continue to be used well. A lot of pretty cool Australian spec fic writers mixed their spittle on that mic – hmmm, better not go there. As for me, I’m concentrating a bit more on me and ‘me and my partner’ stuff from here on in. Certainly the coeur de lion adventure will continue but I want to relax a bit more at home, read books I want to read – not because I have to review them – concentrate on the writing, yes, but also just do other stuff: learn the guitar, go for walks… I’m getting old – 49 last week. Okay not so old, but in the last year or two I’ve been through the whole ‘wow you’re actually going to die someday’ thing. Hopefully a long way off, but it’s important to concentrate on the things that give you energy and happiness. That’s where I’m headed.
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