Friday, May 6, 2011


Things are really popping now, Jeldon-wise, with some major plot points being revealed. We're in the end game which will lead to a simultaneous battle between the opposing Kresh on their homeworld and a major space conflict between the Hegemony and the Jantri - and whoever else they can round up - in the unforgiving environment of tenspace. This is just as well as my sometime writing buds are firming up plans for our semi-annual novel crit workshop 'Serapeum' for the last week in October. The line-up this year will be Rjurik Davidson, Andy Macrae, Peter Hickman, Paul Haines and little old me.
I'd like to get the novel finished to get to them by 1 July. This means some major keyboarding as I've pretty much written the last half longhand. Of course the parrallel story of poor, unloved Rhys and how he gets to join Jeldon against the humans will not be done, but at least I can give them an idea of how it fits in. Full steam ahead!
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