Thursday, June 16, 2011


The structural edits on the - now - 29 Anywhere But Earth stories are done and next up is page proofing. In between I've been contemplating the 'order of stories' as they will finally appear in the anthology. It's been a really pleasing thing to do because it's let me contemplate the spread and the quality of accepted stories all over again. And it reminded me that there are a lot of strong pieces in there. It was only the work of a few minutes to come up with a running list, balancing length, theme, and feel to create some real contrasts of light against dark. I'm now sitting on that list for a couple of days to see if things shift in my thinking before I announce the final order. Then it will be time to bend my mind to a few nuts and bolts issues: ISBNs, page layout, print quotes etc. Slow progress, but progress all the same.
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