Thursday, March 8, 2012

Endings and beginnings

I've finished transcribing the handwritten scrawl that's brought me to the final battle in the two-book Kresh saga. At 172,000 words so far, that's a decent two books and doesn't count the secondary protagonist intertwiney story bit and the final bloodfest with bells, whistles and the odd extradimensional piece of space tearing ships apart. It's a good place to be. And a good place to stop right now because Pyrotechnicon beckons.

Adam has finished his draft in response to my structural edit and also incorporated some very wonderful comments we got from Wendy Waring - linguistic editor extraordinaire - about the proper use of the Latin, French and German dotted throughout the text. I'm glad I didn't have to tackle THAT bit on my own.

So now it's down to formatting the latest version and then commencing the copy edit. Before you know it we'll have first page proofs. While all this goes on I need to check out printing and pricing options with our printer. And also investigate the functionality of Bookout as our primary ebook editing tool.  All good stuff.

After all that's put to bed, it's back to the Kresh - finish up the first draft and then start on the second.

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