Monday, May 21, 2012


Just caught up with the Aurealis Awards' Peter McNamara Award for Excellence blurb. It was great that Galactic Sububia won. They do a fantastic job, and it's nice to see the Aurealis Awards look past the written word.
But. I just read the award rationale. I think the AAs need a fact checker:
Galactic Suburbia was one of the first Australian podcasts of SF literature and culture, and has inspired many new Australian podcasts, including The Coode Street Podcast, The Writer and the Critic, and Bad Film Diaries, Live and Sassy and The Book Nut. Thus GS has founded a new arena for SF criticism and review in Australia, as well as bringing a new international audience to Australian writing...
Great stuff. Though the Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction podcast actually began 15 months before Galactic Suburbia ie Nov 2008 compared with Mar 2010, so the Australian podcasting scene wasn't exactly Terra Nullis before GS came on the scene. Just saying.

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