Thursday, July 12, 2012

Many things

Despite the lack of bloggedness lately, many things have been happening, not least of which: minor knee surgery (fine now, though a little stiff) and a winter break in Jervis Bay (lovely place, but cold!). The lovely Abigail Nathan at Bothersome Words has put in a sterling effort on the Pyrotechnicon proof and any errors left in the manuscript are now entirely Adam’s fault. Next up I’m going to be laying out text for the print version and finalising our gorgeous cover, and then getting a wriggle on with the ebook version via Pressbooks. The launch is at Conflux 8 at the end of September, which sounds a long way off, but actually isn’t (looks worriedly towards Conflux countdown timer on right sidebar). Meanwhile I’ve been interviewed twice, first for the Small Press Underground Network Collective ‘splog’ here, and an upcoming interview for Jane Virgo as part of Conflux 8 preparations.

Speaking of which... Things are shaping up for what will be a very enjoyable Conflux weekend. I’ve had a sneak peak at the proposed panel/ talk schedule and there is a lot of interesting and engaging stuff in there, with a definite slant towards the apocalypse (given Conflux 8’s ‘on the beach’ subtitle is a reference to Nevil Shute’s gritty and realistic end of the world novel). With this in mind, my editor GOH speech will be titled ‘The Editing Apocalypse’, a realistic but (hopefully) not too grim look at current upheavals in the editing and publishing world with some thoughts about what writers and editors need to do to ensure quality works continue to be published into the future. Lots of ideas percolating – I just need to write the thing now. I’ve also just concluded a very satisfying manuscript mentorship with an up and coming children’s author through NSW Writers Centre, with a promise of more collaborative work to come. So I have been busy. Honest!
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