Sunday, August 12, 2012

ebook construction and sales

This past couple of weeks, it's all been about ebooks.

Last Wednesday I was part of a Q and A session at the Australian Society of Authors on my experiences with epublishing. It was an enjoyable event and topped off what I can recommend as a very comprehensive round up of epublishing/ selfpublishing issues for authors. Full details of the course are here. And Digireado blogged about it here. I'm sure they'll be repeating it given the reaction from attendees.

One of the things I did raise at the session was the lack of a cheap, reliable storefront that instantly delivered digital downloads from a website to customers. Last time I looked, round about August last year, I couldn't find one. The lovely thing about the internet is, it doesn't stand still. I was reminded of the issue during my talk  and decided to jump on and find out if there was now a solution. Thanks to a quick visit to my collegiate independent publisher twelfth planet press, I found a cheap, reliable storefront that instantly delivered digital downloads - ejunkie. So over at the coeur de lion online shop, you can now download Anywhere But Earth. The extra good bit of this is that Amazon et al don't take their cut, so it's more profit for the authors (who get 75% of sales). And the file is guaranteed DRM free.

Of course finding that solution will help when it comes to unleashing the Pyrotechnicon ebook on the world. I spent all day Saturday in an intensive ebook layout session on the Pressbooks site. This is probably why I had a dreadful migraine (vomiting, the works) on Sunday. But it was almost worth it. The ebook is in beta test right now but I think we've pushed the Pressbooks tech pretty far, especially as we have a number of Adam's beautiful illustrations embedded in the ebook file, as well as some other tricksy text things. Of course with Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords, they insist on Word file uploads, so that means there will be effectively two ebook versions of Pyrotechnicon. A plain text version from Amazon and Smashwords, and a beautifully lush illustrated version from us, and available on the Kobo platform eventually via our membership in the Small Press Underground Networking Collective. I plan to clearly label our own version the Pyrotechnion (illustrated edition) version. Anyway It's going to be out soon, and the proof of the hardback edition should be here today or tomorrow, so print versions should also be available before Conflux 8. Huzzah!


Alan Baxter said...

No mobi version? Only Kobo? Is that epub?

Keith Stevenson said...

Oh we'll be selling a mobi direct via the website for sure. It's just that Amazon won't let me load a mobi through KDP, so they'll have to make do with the Word version without illos. And yeah, Kobo is epub. I'll sell epub direct through the website too. The file looks great with the illos but :)

Alan Baxter said...

Aha! So we'll be able to get a mobi version with illos? Good. :)