Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pyrotechnicon for Kindle

Kindle's share...
Well Pyrotechnicon is now available on the Amazon Kindle platform as a DRM-free ebook. I did the uploading last night and to my delight it let me include Adam's illustrations. The construction - which is done by Amazon from an uploaded html file, is not as good as the mobi file I made via Pressbooks. There aren't any section breaks showing in the reading progress bar in the Kindle ereader, but apart from that it's pretty much the same.

The BIG difference of course is that if you buy it via Kindle and you live in Australia or most of the rest of the world, coeur de lion and Adam Browne only receive 35% of the cover price as a royalty. Amazon keep the rest. If you buy it and you live in UK and America and a handful of other places, that royalty jumps to 70%. Of course that doesn't count the loooong wait to get your quaint 20thC cheque from Kindle or the nine week currency conversion wait on top of that (or the associated charges for conversion).

So what I'm really saying is we'd much rather you bought it from the coeur de lion online store. But we may pick up some drive-by sales on Amazon too, which is okay. Tonight I'll figure out the Byzantine Smashwords rules to get a copy up there too.
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