Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pyrotechnicon is out in the wild

It's always a very satisfying moment to finish a book production project. Pyrotechnicon went on sale via the coeur de lion website last night and will be slowly filtering its way through other retail outlets over the next couple of months.

Personally I'm very pleased with the result. Adam worked hard on his story and it's pitch perfect. The hardback book is a deeply beautiful thing, with a lovely cover and some great internal illustrations and the layout and the whole package looks very professional (IMHO) and doesn't at all look like a print on demand product. I can't recommend Lightning Source more highly.

The ebook I constructed using the Pressbooks platform also looks and behaves really well and I'm particularly pleased with how the illustrations translated to the epub and mobi formats.

Adam has a list of acknowledgements at the end of the book. I'd like to echo and add to those here. Of course I'd like to thank Adam for producing a great story. But I'd also like to thank Wendy Waring for being the arbiter of all things French, German and Latin, Mark Rossiter for giving the ebook a thorough shakedown and Abigail Nathan at Bothersome Words for the copyedit.

Now go and buy the damn book!
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