Sunday, September 23, 2012

What I'm doing at Conflux 8

The Conflux 8 program of events is now live on the Conflux blog.

Here's a round up of what I'll be doing.

Saturday 29th September
3pm - 4pm
The Editing Apocalypse - Guest of Honour Speech

Print media is undergoing a violent series of changes brought on by the rise of ebooks and quicker, cheaper and more direct ways for authors to self-publish their work. Established publishing houses are no longer 'content gatekeepers' and global financial and technological pressures are threatening to destroy the traditional editing and publishing process. Is this the editing apocalypse? Should we care? coeur de lion publisher Keith Stevenson looks at the current state of writing, editing and publishing, the challenges editors and authors are facing in the digital era, and what can be done to ensure well written and crafted works continue to be produced into the future…

Sunday 30th September
10 am - 11am
Independent Publishing and Speculative Fiction panel
Keri Arthur, Keith Stevenson, Bill Congreve, Simon Petrie, Jodi Cleghorn

11am - 12 noon
Pyrotechnicon – From Concept to finished Book
Adam Browne and Keith Stevenson in conversation talk about the process of bringing Pyrotechnicon from an initial concept to a published book.

1.15pm - 2.15pm
Pyrotechnicon Booklaunch 
Jack Dann, Adam Browne and Keith Stevenson
Swords, chocolate and people buying books!

4.15pm - 5.15pm
Great Debate – Zombies vs Vampires 
Jack Dann mediator, Keith Stevenson, Keri Arthur, Pat Gallagher, Rob Hood, Kimberley Gaal, John Morris
This is where Team Vampire and going to totally trounce Team Zombie. Come watch the bloodshed.

In between times I'll be selling our award-winning books in the dealer's room - at very special prices.

And even if you're not going to Conflux you can take advantage of our Conflux sale. More information about this on the coeur de lion website later this week.

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