Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the daily grind... and loving it

The dust has settled on Pyrotechnicon over at the coeur de lion site, so I'm now back into writing the sweeping crab-centric space opera that is The Way of The Kresh. And really enjoying things. With the main story already comfortably filling two books, I've gone back to write the secondary protagonist's story thread, which will intersperse most of book one until he meets up with Jeldon (my main crab-boy prote) in book two.

The story for Rhys (my secondary protagonist) was first written in the 90s and published on the Nuketown Website under the title 'Diplomacy'. I'm rewriting, of course, and really enjoying getting into Rhys's mind and revealing his motivations, his hidden weaknesses and strengths. Of course he is going to get well and truly f&%&^ over by the bad guys before it's payback time. Poor Rhys. Mind you he won't be suffering quite as much as Jeldon.

At this rate I'm hoping that towards the end of next year I'll have two books in good shape to send out to publishing houses. And the all-important book three is already sketched out in my mind.

In other news I'll be in conversation with Momentum publisher Joel Naoum talking about self publishing POD and ebooks at the NSW Writers Centre towards the end of November. More info on that soon.
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