Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lobster alien rising

For those who came in late, I have upwards of 470 A4 pages of manuscript, which is getting up to 2 books' worth, about everyone's favourite (okay, my favourite) lobster alien Jeldon. I have a bit more to write, mainly the END, which I haven't done yet because I want to make sure everything that's gone before ties together, as well as a secondary protagonist string which needs to be incorporated.

Now that the summer holidays are well and truly over, I'm working through what is essentially a polished draft and interrogating the text. What I mean by that is reading through what I've got, checking for internal consistency for my plot and motivational and psychological veracity for my characters as well as looking for opportunities to add situational texture and interest. It's a crucial stage in what has taken years so far to get to this stage and I'm (thankfully) finding that what I've written is working for the most part and for the bits that aren't quite there, the distance I have from the ms - which I put aside last year - is letting me really hone the motivational aspects that were kind of niggling me when I was writing them, but which I didn't worry too much about at the time because I just had to get this stuff down and keep the plot moving.

So I'm enjoying myself and I reckon by the end of next year I may actually be finished. Though having started this whole odyssey in 1998, I don't want to commit to an end point with that kind of finality!
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