Sunday, May 5, 2013

Forward the Kresh

When last we spoke, I was busy reading through the 175,000 odd words of my current manuscript just to get my head around the stuff I've been writing for the past few years. Having come to the end of that, the good news is that it doesn't suck and the plot and character arcs actually make sense.

Yay me.

I've identified a few places where the various parts of the jigsaw need to be chivvied and wiggled to fit together better and I've now started what is (another) purely creative part of the process, addressing those areas identified and also rewriting those scenes which were - in my hurried desire to get to the end of this thing - merely placeholders with cardboard sets and cheesy dialogue. Now I have a handle on the plot and characterisation this is proving to be very enjoyable. The end - or at least the beginning of it - is in sight.
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