Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Lenticular - one third there

Today I put the finishing touches on book one of The Lenticular series, at least insofar as I feel I’ve done all I can with it, the story is in good shape and it’s time to move onto a more detailed redraft of book two. I’d originally called book one The Way of the Kresh but I’m not sure I’ll stick with that. The three books could easily be called Invasion, Rebellion and Annihilation. Book one deals with the invasion of the Kresh homeworld by the Earth-based Hegemony and book two covers the fight by the Kresh to take back their planet. As for book three – well, let’s just say things don’t go well for any of the parties involved.

Anyway, whatever I end up calling the books, today is a big milestone in bringing the Kresh story together.
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