Monday, September 22, 2014

On the Horizon...

Horizon is beginning to make its presence known and is now available for pre-order on a number of sites. So if you have a lazy $2.99, there are a few places you can splurge:

Amazon Australia
Apple iBooks
Google Play

Also with the launch on 1 November, I'll be running a series of articles about the book, the characters and the science behind the story as part of the Horizon Blog Tour. Here's a rundown of the blog tour dates and sites and I'd like to say a hearty thank you to the wonderful authors and supporters who are making space available for me on their blogs.

3 November - Voyager Blog - Horizon Chapter One (extract)
4 November - Trent Jamieson's blog - Character Building: Meet the Crew
5 November - Darkmatter Fanzine - Welcome to Magellan: Inside the Ship
6 November - Lee Battersby's blog - Futureshock: Charting the History of Tomorrow
7 November - Joanne Anderton's blog - Engage: Tinkering With a Quantum Drive
10 November - Ben Peek's blog - Stormy Weather: Facing Down Climate Change
11 November - Rjurik Davidson's blog - Time Travel: Relatively Speaking
12 November - Alan Baxter's blog - Consciousness Explorers: Inside a Transhuman
13 November - Sean Wright's blog - From the Ground Up: Building a Planet
14 November - Greig Beck's Facebook Page - Life Persists: Finding the Extremophile
17 November - Marianne de Pierres' blog - Interview

So I hope you drop by for the blog tour!

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