Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beyond Newsletter / Science Speed Meet-Up

This Saturday I'll be launching my new regular newsletter, Beyond, with lots of articles and links about science, science fiction, books, films, television, the internet and anything else I think would be of interest to lovers of science and science fiction.

Beyond will appear 8 times a year, monthly from August to November and February to May. You can sign up to receive it direct to your inbox here and I hope you like it!

Also coming up next week, I'll be taking part in a Science Week event at the Customs House. It's a sort of speed-dating meet up with genre writers, science writers and scientists and it should be a lot of fun.

Customs House Science Speed Meet-Up

Come along and interrogate these bright science minds, find out how they work, meet others who are passionate about science and have a laugh.

Announcing our panel of experts...

Facilitator: Dr Amy Reichelt (Behavioural Neuroscientist)

Jo Anderton (Science Fiction/Fantasy Author)

Amanda Bauer (Research Astronomer)

Rob Brooks (Evolutionary Biologist)

Becky Crew (Science Writer)

Darren Curnoe (Biological Anthropology and Human Evolution)

David Henley (Science Fiction Author) 

Dieter Hochuli (Ecologist) 

Jane McCredie (Science & Medicine Writer)

Sarah McIntyre (Neuoscientist)

PM Newton (Crime Fiction Author)

Bianca Nogrady (Freelance Science Journalist)

Sarah Perkins  (Climate Scientist)

Keith Stevenson (Science Fiction Author)

Astrid Zeman (Neuroscience Software Engineer) 

It's on the 19th August from 6.30 to 8pm. Admission is free but booking is essential. You can find out more on the Eventbrite page.

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