I'm a speculative fiction writer, magazine editor and publisher, and reviewer born in Scotland and now living in Wollongong NSW.

My short fiction has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Aurealis Magazine, Oceans of the Mind and the Agog! Press anthology Agog! Fantastic Fiction.

I'm probably best known for being editor of Aurealis - Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine from 2001 to 2004 and publisher with multi-award winning Australian independent press coeur de lion publishing from 2006 onwards. I also hosted 30 episodes of the Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction (TISF) Podcast from 2008 to 2011.

My book reviews have appeared in Aurealis Magazine, on the TISF Podcast and more recently on the Newtown Review of Books website.

I edit and produce the free and DRM-free Dimension6 speculative fiction electronic magazine three times a year. I'm also a partner in ebookedit, offering a range of flexible editing and file conversion options to indie authors.

My long fiction includes Horizon, a deep space exploration political and ecological thriller/ murder mystery, which was published by Voyager Impulse in November 2014, and the three book Lenticular series, a galaxy-spanning space opera of species slaughter, subjugation and treachery, which is currently in development.

I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and I have a Goodreads page.

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Online writing and articles

The following stories, articles and reviews are available online:

Short stories
'... The First Make Mad' - short story appearing in Agog! Fantastic Fiction (Agog! Press)
You can also hear me reading this story (along with stories written and read by Trent Jamieson and Brendan Duffy) on the free Terra Incognita podcast.

Articles/ Speeches
SF is Dead - editorial Aurealis Magazine #29
The Essence of Speculative Fiction - a Personal View - editorial Aurealis Magazine #30
Where Do You Get Your Ideas From? - editorial Aurealis Magazine #31
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - editorial Aurealis Magazine #32
Where to From Here? - editorial Aurealis Magazine #33-35
Fantasy vs Science Fiction - The Great Debate Conflux 2005
Consciousness Explorers: SF, Posthumanism and the Mind - Conjure NatCon 2006
The Perils and Pitfalls of Running a Small Press - WQ Magazine
Podcasting for Fun and Profit - WQ Magazine
The Editing Apocalypse - Guest of Honour Speech Conflux 8

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Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction reviews
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You can contact me at keith@keithstevenson.com.