Monday, July 18, 2011


Into the copyediting long haul on ABE and also learning the gentle art of ebook coding. Having cut my html teeth on dreamweaver it seems to be pretty straightforward, particularly using the mobi software, but we'll see. Lots of beta testing to follow no doubt. As part of my research I downloaded a couple of sf anthos via kindle. The Year's Best SF 16 (containing a story by my bestie Cat Sparks) is a really nice Kindle ebook. The page looks clean, the sections good and the hyperlinking works seemlessly. That one was by HarperCollins Eos. By comparison the ebook of The Year's Best Science Fiction 21, from St Martin's Press is a bit of a mess. The pages are all right indented in the author intro bits so there's a lot of screen that's blank, and the first paras of new sections aren't full out as they should be on the printed page. The title text font for stories (and hyperlinks) isn't to my taste - but that's a minor quibble - but whoever did the hyperlinks to the authors' names was either dyslexic, drunk, or didn't give a sh*t. For example John Varley is displayed as John Vauiey, Charles Stross is Crarles Stross, Paul Melko is Paul Malko and the year 2003 is displayed as 2,003 - embarrassment. Hopefully the ABE ebook will look more like the HC offering than St Martin's Press. We'll see.