Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well I've been thinking about the reception and 'impact' of Anywhere but Earth which I published via coeur de lion publishing in November last year. And I have to admit that despite loving that book and having three stories shortlisted in the Aurealis Awards for SF short story (one of which won - thanks Rob!), ABE has been a bit of a failure. Of course I didn't expect to make money out of the book, so I wasn't particularly looking for commercial success. But critically, I think it's fair to say it has failed. ABE failed to make the shortlist in the anthology section of the Aurealis Awards. It failed to make any shortlist - short story, collection or otherwise - in the Ditmar Awards. It hasn't been listed in any other awards that I know of. Despite sending advance copies to reviewers at Locus, ASIF,  and SF review sites and magazines here and overseas, no-one has gauged  its content or anything else about it  worthy of review. We've had some great feedback from readers on Goodreads, but that, and the short story award have been blips in what, on the whole, has been a whistling downward trajectory into independent publishing oblivion.


mark said...

Sorry to hear that Anywhere But Earth didn't get the traction you were hoping for. I really enjoyed the collection and wrote a review on Goodreads and my blog to that effect, but I acknowledge I'm not exactly a name brand reviewer!


Keith Stevenson said...

thanks, Mark. And I remember you at the launch and appreciate your support. In no way am I minimising the great feedback I've received from you and other goodreads reviewers. They all gave me a warm buzz. My comments are really about how increasingly difficult it is to get 'cut through' with titles these days. We all thought the internet and epublishing would be a boon for small press, but the problems continue.

Colum said...

Sorry to hear this, but at least the anthology contained a story that garnered an aurealis award, that's more than most!

I think the sheer size of the anthology might have counted against it with reviewers, maybe they are still working through it and the reviews will come late!

Anyways, I'd like to think you for doing it, and for including my story. My contributors copy of 'Anywhere but Earth' will always have a proud place on the 'special' bookcase of books with me in.


Keith Stevenson said...

Thanks, Colum. It IS a great antho. And full of great stories. And thank you for contributing Pink Ice. I loved it as soon as I read it. Cheers K