Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey, author, Amazon KDP doesn’t love you THAT much

Can I just take a moment to register what a truly pathetic author payment system Amazon has set up for its Kindle Digital publishing Platform, particularly if you don’t live in America? Thank you.

It’s quite easy to put your title up on KDP. Amazon makes the publishing experience as easy as it makes the ebook purchasing, downloading and reading experience easy. That’s what they’re all about, right? Wrong.

Firstly they won’t pay you until your book reaches sales of USD$100. When it does, then within 60 DAYS, they will SEND YOU A CHEQUE. Of course, if you are living outside America, that cheque will be in US dollars which means you will pay foreign currency exchange fees at your bank. The bank will also take 9 WEEKS to finalise the transaction.

 Hey, Amazon. It’s the 21st Century. Funds are whipping round the planet using a thing called the internet, which I know you’re already pretty familiar with. Why not give it a try for payments to authors? By comparison, Smashwords will pay me by EFT to my Paypal account on a quarterly basis. And I don’t need to cross the $100 sales barrier even. Of course it suits Amazon to do it this way, because it means they can hang on to your money for longer.

Amazon publishing, buying and reading experience – excellent. Amazon author getting paid experience – not so good.

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