Thursday, June 13, 2013

Opening new dimensions in 2014

Dimension6 is the name of the new e-magazine I'll be editing and producing in the new year. It's an exciting prospect, not just because I'll be working with short fiction again and hopefully discovering some new talent and great stories, but also because I'm learning how to put together an ebook magazine format using the latest InDesign software.

D6 is going to be pretty cool. An entirely electronic, entirely free magazine. You can learn more about the what and why of D6 at the coeur de lion website .

I always enjoy the technical challenge of a new project as much as the creative one. I enjoyed learning how to edit and produce the Terra Incognita podcast show and before that I enjoyed the technical aspects of getting an issue of Aurealis together - in the old, old days when we made print plates and folded and guillotined the whole thing manually. So lots of challenges ahead and hopefully an opportunity to bring Australian speculative fiction to a wider reading public

On the novel front, I've just completed the latest draft of book one of what I'm now calling The Lenticular Series. Book one is The Way of the Kresh and book two, which I'm working on now, will be The Kresh War. Working titles only of course, but it's all progress.