Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kresh book 3

In my mind there was always going to be a book three, but other than a vague endpoint I hadn’t gotten any further than that. But with books one and two of the Lenticular Series now off for a critical review by a professional editor, I’ve found that the beauty of having so much story behind me with so many characters moved into particular positions and oppositions, is that the next part of the plot is busting to unfold before me. 

There are obvious things my characters will be doing because of where they ended up in book two. There will be wound licking and the desire for revenge or salvation depending on who we’re with. I’ve fulfilled my promise to my main character and brought him to the point he had to reach. We don’t owe each other a thing now, so together we’re entering terra incognita and I’m relishing plotting that in detail.