Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Major rewrites and other good stuff

Time flies and the blog looks like not much has happened since February, but I'm in full rewrite mode on the first book of the Lenticular series.

After the excellent feedback and crits I got I'm in the process of killing my darlings. Firstly I knew I had to up the human element and build more front story for my secondary protagonist, Rhees. After throwing a few ideas around, I have to credit my partner Nicola for helping me make the leap and turn Rhees into a woman, which has really opened up the character for me and introduced a whole new plot line which will grow in importance over the three books.

I'm also casting a critical eye on my alien sections, upping the alieness and clearing out the dead wood. That includes ditching a bit of plot business that ran for 15,000 words. The action just wasn't working, and it also made my protagonist look kind of dumb, which just didn't feel right. It's not a total loss. Some of the concepts and plot points are being preserved but they'll be threaded through a much shorter and more central piece of action which will allow me to get to the invasion of the alien homeworld - big action set piece - much quicker. This feels right and with the additional stuff I'm writing for Rhees the overall length won't suffer. It's a lot of work but I really feel I have some momentum.

Meanwhile Dimension6 has come on by leaps and bounds. I received so many great stories I've filled the first three issues and the first issue is due out tomorrow. I hope you will pick up a FREE copy. D6 will be available for download tomorrow on the coeur de lion Dimension6 page.