by Keith Stevenson
HarperVoyager Impulse (HarperCollins Publishers imprint)
ISBN 9781460704653 (ebook)
RRP $4.99
Science Fiction
Publication date: November 1, 2014
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Murder and betrayal in deep space, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance...

Thirty-four light years from Earth, the explorer ship Magellan is nearing its objective - the Iota Persei system. But when ship commander Cait Dyson wakes from deepsleep, she finds her co-pilot dead and the ship's AI unresponsive. Cait works with the rest of her multinational crew to regain control of the ship, until they learn that Earth is facing total environmental collapse and their mission must change if humanity is to survive.

As tensions rise and personal and political agendas play out in the ship's cramped confines, the crew finally reach the planet Horizon, where everything they know will be challenged.
"Refreshingly plausible, politically savvy, and full of surprises, Horizon takes you on a harrowing thrill-ride through the depths of space and the darkness of the human heart." - Sean Williams, New York Times bestselling author of the Astropolis and Twinmaker series

"Crackling science fiction with gorgeous trans-human and cybernetic trimmings. Keith Stevenson's debut novel soars." - Marianne De Pierres, award-winning author of the Parrish Plessis, Sentients of Orion and Peacemaker series
 The story is smart, the characters are well-drawn, and the plot is engaging.
T Chris - amazon.com
A great blend of science and story. Well worth a read!
Aaron Craven - Google Play Books
Horizon is a very assured debut, tightly woven, genuinely suspenseful and builds to a
great finish.
Richard Saar - Internet Book Review


As a young boy, author Keith Stevenson learned that one day the sun would swell up and destroy the Earth. That led to a lifelong interest in science fiction. 'SF stories presented a future where humanity survives,' Stevenson says. 'That's what drew me to the field.'

It's a fascination that has lasted for decades, with Stevenson not only writing science fiction but working as editor of Aurealis Magazine, the longest running speculative fiction magazine in Australia, founding the independent speculative fiction publishing house coeur de lion publishing, and earlier this year launching Dimension6 the free, and DRM-free, electronic magazine of Australian SF, Horror and Fantasy. 

Horizon is his first novel and in one way it's a response to those childhood fears. 'In the book, Earth is dying but the solution to the problem lies in the hands of a crew of space explorers approaching a star very far from our own.' Of course space-travel has its own dangers and the crew have to contend with those as well as an unexplained death and an unexpected political situation on Earth that splits the team and leads to suspicion and betrayal. 

'It's a very contained story, set as it is within the confines of a small spaceship, but it deals with some big political, social and ethical issues that are very relevant to today, not least of which is the danger that climate change presents for us and how successful humanity is at dealing with that threat.'

Stevenson writes about the ideas and issues behind Horizon here: Horizon Blog Posts

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