The Lenticular

The Lenticular is my three book space opera about a galaxy spanning interspecies war.

The Lenticular Series Book One - Kresz: Invasion

 Udun is considered an outsider by his fellow krez, but his wanderlust and desire to meet and interact with the aliens of the wider Lenticular make him the perfect tool for his House leader, Hierarch Czerak, to break the trade monopoly controlled by rival House Kergis.

Stripped of her Fleet commission for causing the death of her lover, Rhees Lowrans has one more chance to prove she's not a wash-up. But her posting to the Hegemony Diplomatic Corps exposes her to a morally and ethically bankrupt organisation that does not sit well with her.

When the Hegemony invades the Kresz Homeworld, mutilating and subjugating much of the population, Udun and Rhees are set on a course that will fundamentally change these two civilisations, or destroy them both.

You can view images I'm curating to help in the development of the novels on my Lenticular Pinterest Board.

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